The Software was developed to test and debug the Drone in its developnment stage. It shows live charts with the IMU, engine and controller data and enables the user to capture a trace. Moreover it is possible to do various configurations on the Drone, such as setting the parameters of all Controllers.



  • Start / Stop the engines and the controllers
  • Control the Drone with sliders or an USB Joystick
  • Communicate over a serial or bluetooth
  • Configure the PID controllers
  • Live 3D view
  • Live charts
  • ...

Serial port / Bluetooth

Windows provides a serial port when connecting bluetooth devices to the pc. The software can connect to bluetooth devices even without the manual connecting process, this simplifies the process and eliminates the manual input of the Bluetooth pin.

It is recommended to use the serial port instead of directly using the bluetooth impementation as the bluetooth stack often times out due to the lack of implementation in the Windows Bluetooth API.